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Membership in the Michigan Dental Association, American Dental Association and your local dental society brings valuable benefits and services to help you succeed. Discover them all on these pages, or click the button below to ask a specific question.

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MDA Member Discounts from Endorsed Vendors Really Add Up!

The exclusive member discounts you get as a result of your MDA membership can really save you money. In fact, using even a handful of MDA-endorsed Services and MDA Insurance programs can not only recoup all your MDA dues, but could save you more than $25,000. Here’s an example: The Dentists Supply Company, or, […]

Nominating Committee Seeks MDA Leaders to Lead, Support, Inspire

The MDA House of Delegates Nominating Committee is seeking candidates for a variety of MDA Board, officer, and leadership positions to take office in 2024. This is your opportunity to grow personally and professionally, put your experience and energy to work for the dental profession, and LEAD, SUPPORT and INSPIRE current and future generations of […]