Radiography Training

The MDA Radiography Training Program allows dentists to provide a convenient, affordable way for dental assistants to obtain radiography training required under Michigan law without the need for classrooms, travel and time away from work using an innovative nine-part, online training program. The cost is $299/per assistant for MDA members and $399/per assistant for non-MDA members.

After successful completion of the online training, the assistant — under the supervision of a licensed dentist — must demonstrate the ability to perform two acceptable full-mouth series of images (including four bitewings) with a maximum of five retakes. After meeting all course requirements, a certificate of completion will be issued that will be signed by the supervising dentist.

How to Begin

Step 1: Dentists

Complete the following in order:

  1. Create an account using the Create Account button.
  2. Complete the short Supervising Dentist Tutorial on how to administer the radiography training program.
  3. Receive your Supervising Dentist ID code upon completion of the tutorial.
  4. Purchase course vouchers to assign to the assistant(s) who will be taking the radiography training.
  5. Share your Supervising Dentist ID code with your assistant. This code “links” you to the assistant. Once linked, you can manage your assistant’s certification progress through your Account screen.

Step 2: Assistants

Complete the following in order:

  1. Create your own account using the Create Account button above after your dentist creates his/her account.
  2. Obtain your dentist’s Supervising Dentist ID code and input it during your account creation process. This “links” you to your dentist so he/she can monitor your progress and print your certificate of completion.
  3. Click the Online Course Menu button to begin the nine-module radiography training program.