The MDA and ADA offer you an unmatched menu of practice management resources, all designed to enhance your success. These practice management resources provide the help you need to meet most any practice challenge.

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COVID-19 Update

Stay up-to-date on the latest news and information about the pandemic and its effects on dentistry.

ADA Resources

Visit the ADA website at

    Whether you are looking to buy or sell your practice, ADAPT has you covered.
  • ADA Success Program
    Trusted ADA resources to manage your career, expand your knowledge and balance your life.
  • ADA Store
    Practice resources from the ADA Catalog, plus valuable research, whitepapers, and standards.
  • Dental Practice Success
    Special issue highlighting the 2017 Dental Office Design Competition.

Regulatory Compliance

From OSHA/MIOSHA to state practice rules to HIPAA regs — here’s what you need to know.

Practice Guidelines and Procedures

Important information for every dental professional to know.

Human Resources

Office staffing is a major key to your practice success, so make the MDA your resource for all the HR answers you need.

Legal Services

Legal questions are among those most-asked by MDA members. Here are the answers!

MDA-Endorsed Programs

MDA-endorsed programs can help you manage your practice more efficiently and save you money.

Practice Resources

These exclusive MDA member programs can help you personally and professionally.

Practice Ethics

Every MDA member must abide by these ethical standards.