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Certified Dental Business Professional Program

Whether you have — or you are — a new office manager or a seasoned dental team member this certification will help any dental practice function more effectively and efficiently.

The Michigan Dental Association collaborated with dentists and dental office managers to come up with specific areas of focus. Each category covers pertinent information for improving a practice’s processes. Knowing and understanding these critical concepts will keep things running smoothly up front so you and the dental team can concentrate on patient care.

Completing this program will give you or your key staff the ability to better communicate with patients, therefore reducing anxiety, increasing case acceptance, and growing the practice. The front office team is a vital part of a successful practice. Let the Michigan Dental Association provide the training through expert speakers and accessible resources.

CDBP Courses

Courses that qualify for the Certified Dental Business Professional program are listed in the CE Courses section under the MDA CE Live, MDA CE Online, and Certified Dental Business Professional categories. Look for courses featuring the CDBP logo.


Course Curriculum

Classes are available in person and online and average about $30 per credit hour. The Certified Dental Business Professional program is designed to be a “pay-as-you-go” format. Pick up the courses when time permits or at a location convenient  to you, and the Michigan Dental Association keeps track of the segments completed. Each person that enrolls in the program will receive a binder with tabs for each area of study and a course completion checklist. A handout for every class in each category will be supplied and distributed on-site if live or emailed if online. Updates will be provided as needed, even after the certification is completed. The binder will serve as a valuable resource should a refresher of any concept be needed. Once enrolled, a three-year period is allowed for completion.

Re-certification occurs every three years, which requires 18 credits of continuing education in MDA courses that apply to the dental business professional field.

Regarding CDBP Credit Hours: Please note that CDBP credits are based on the time CDBP category content is covered within a course and not on the total length of the course.



7 Credits


• Phone etiquette
• Triage; scripting the correct questions to assess the call.
• Communication skills.
• Divorced patients/custody questions.
• Implicit bias awareness.

3 Credits


• Dental benefits 101.
• CDT Codes.

2 Credits


• Chairside 101.
• Understanding treatment plan.
• Dental terminology.
• Basic dental knowledge.

6 Credits


• Interviewing/hiring/firing.
• Handling staff issues.
• Dealing with difficult employees.
• Supervising skills.

4 Credits


• HIPAA rule requirements.
• Breach/Security rule requirement.
• Patient authorization/access.
• Business associate identification
• OIG requirement for fraud, waste, and abuse prevention.

1 Credit


• Digital Marketing.
• Social media platforms.

3 Credits


• Understanding basic operational expenses.
• Maximizing the schedule.
• Collections.

4 Credits


• Reduce risk of malpractice claim.
• Patient care scenario.
• Practice operations.
• Informed consent.
• Recordkeeping.



How to Enroll

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