Government and Insurance Advocacy

The practice of dentistry is changing rapidly, as are changes in the political climate and in the insurance industry. The threats to dentistry are real and they are growing. Stay up-to-date on the legislative, regulatory, and insurance issues that affect your dental practice. Get involved, let your voice be heard, and help keep dental professional strong.


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Access to Care Heading

The Michigan Dental Association recognizes that many Michiganders are unable to access timely, equitable, appropriate dental care to meet their needs. Learn more about MDA’s actions to address barriers and implement solutions.

Dental Benefits Heading

Staying up-to-date in the changing world of dental benefit plans can be a difficult task. The Michigan Dental Association is committed to helping MDA members cope with economic, professional, ethical and legal challenges resulting from changes in Michigan’s dental benefits market.

Dental PAC Heading

MDA Dental PAC is the political action committee of the MDA and is funded entirely by the donations of member dentists. Since 1968, MDA Dental PAC has helped legislators, governors, and other elected officials that are friends of dentistry get elected and re-elected.

In-Office Dental Plans Heading

Many MDA members want to provide affordable dental care to their uninsured or underinsured patients, or want an alternative to participating with dental benefit companies. The MDA, ADA, and the MDA-endorsed Quality Dental Plans will help you set up and administer your IOP.

Legislative Action Center Heading

This online platform connects you directly to lawmakers, while providing you with easy-to-use tools to advocate for dentistry’s position on hot-button legislative issues.

Student Debt Resource Center Heading

Dental school has a hefty price tag. The MDA Student Debt Resource Center was created to help dental students and practicing dentists with student loan management.

Running for Office Heading

Deciding to run for public office is a big decision. This guide is designed to provide information that will help you make an informed decision and give you an idea of what is involved in running a successful campaign.

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