Let’s Talk

During the 2020 pandemic, The MDA quickly eased public fears around seeking dental care with our Dental Safety and Reopening Responsibly campaigns. In the wake of last year’s necessary clinical tone (designed to impart confidence and convey facts), we can now add more compassion and understanding to our messaging as we encourage the public to resume regular dental care.

This year’s Let’s Talk campaign includes a series of videos featuring MDA member dentists from across the state speaking directly to the public, from the heart. With a warm and understanding tone, we remind Michiganders that no matter what life throws their way, their MDA member dentist is here for them.

Shot entirely over Zoom, this series captures a rare, behind the scenes glimpse of dentists in their practices, offices, and homes. The resulting videos portray MDA members as caring, compassionate, and approachable dental care professionals.

Videos and Advertisements

The first of three videos with accompanying paid social media and display advertising ad sets will be released in early 2021. Two additional cuts will run later in the year. All direct the public to a SmileMichigan.com campaign landing page that includes more information and encourages the use of the Find-A-Dentist Tool.


Q1: The “Here” video and accompanying assets:

Q2: “Care”

Q3: “Health”