After a successful first quarter, the Public Education Campaign’s efforts continue with the release of new and dynamic content. Please see the sections below for more on each sub-campaign and the latest
campaign elements. Individually and as a whole, these efforts further advance this year’s goal: to encourage Michiganders of all ages and wellness levels to prioritize their oral health and visit an MDA-member dentist.

For more information on the Public Education Campaign, please see our upcoming article, “The MDA Public Education Campaign: An X-Ray View,” in the forthcoming edition of the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association.

Teeth Have Feelings Too

The interactive, social media-friendly “Teeth Have Feelings Too” embraces the colorful and light-hearted side of educational messaging. This campaign encourages viewers to see their dental health in a whole new light – from the tooth’s perspective. Each of the six vignettes in this series features a loveable and very expressive animated tooth in a silly but relatable situation.

In Q2’s “Searching Symptoms,” we show how consulting the internet for answers to dental issues can quickly spiral into doomscrolling. This scene comically makes a case for seeking dental care and dental advice from an MDA-member dentist rather than a search engine.

Videos and Advertisements

In April, we released “Searching Symptoms,” the second in a series of short videos running on YouTube, OTT (Hulu, Apple TV, and connected TV), and social media with accompanying social media and online display ads.

All advertisements and videos in the campaign direct the public to an interactive page on that features six scenarios, each relating to a specific oral health issue. Visitors can click through these scenes to learn more about each situation and its impact on dental health. The site and social media ads also encourage the use of the Find-A-Dentist tool.

Schedule — Q2

The “Searching Symptoms” video and ads:


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Schedule — Q1

The “Cheat Day” video and ads:


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Illness Impact: Diabetes & Your Dental Health

Each quarter, the campaign addresses a different, prevalent illness and the oral health implications most commonly associated with that chronic health condition. Featured illnesses were selected based on internet search volume across the state. Conceived as the MDA’s answer to Webmd-style dental search information, this campaign is as informative and educational as it is compassionate and understanding.

Videos, Articles, and Advertisements

The second feature in this series, “Illness Impact: Asthma & Your Oral Health,” will be released in May. This campaign includes an informative video that will run on Youtube, OTT (Hulu, Apple TV, and connected TV), and social media with accompanying social media and online display ads.

The campaign details how specific asthma medication-taking habits, coping strategies, and related dental care anxiety can contribute to dental disease. Central messaging stresses the importance of routine dental care for overall health and promotes mouth-friendly alternatives to common asthma-specific coping strategies (such as following inhaler use with sugary and acidic beverages). “Illness Impact” thoughtfully encourages those with or caring for someone with asthma to visit their MDA-member dentist regularly and adopt good daily oral care and medication-taking habits at home.

Throughout, the campaign compassionately encourages anyone delaying care due to anxiety or fear of triggering an asthma attack to talk to an MDA-member dentist and their dental care team.

All ads and campaign components direct the public to an informative in-depth article-style page on the blog. The main article and supporting social media ads also promote the use of the Find-A-Dentist tool.


Q2: The article and advertisements will be released in May 2022.

Q1: The “Illness Impact: Diabetes & Your Oral Health” video and accompanying assets: