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At the MDA, we understand the unique challenges faced by women dentists. That’s why we launched the MDA Women in Dentistry Facebook group — an online community where women dentists from across the state can gather for support, fellowship, and learn about unique educational opportunities that bring harmony to their competing personal and professional priorities.

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Dr. Kate Solomich has over 10 years of clinical experience with a diverse population of patients including the treatment adults and children with disabilities. Dr. Solomich is a firm believer in giving back and supporting the community and has volunteered over 400 hours to provide dental care in underserved areas. Her volunteering efforts include the Jonathan Taft Honorary Dental Society and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

Dr. Kathy Solomich
Dr. Deb Peters

Dr. Deb Peters has been an active member and dedicated volunteer with the Michigan Dental Association and organized dentistry for more than past 25 years. She formerly served as president of the MDA, speaker of the MDA House of Delegates, member of the MDA Board of Trustees, and chair of the MDA Committee on the New Dentist. Her career has featured outstanding leadership, dependability, and community service.