Social media platforms are essential communication tools for any growing practice. Whether through Facebook, Instagram, or both, social media allows you and your practice to interact with current patients and attract prospective patients.

Below you’ll find some tips for social media best practices and links to downloadable posts you can use to start growing your professional social media presence.

Social Media Best Practices

Facebook vs. Instagram: What’s the Difference?

Facebook is ideal for sharing text-heavy posts. Facebook also lets you share photographs in your posts, link to YouTube videos, and include clickable web addresses. You don’t need to include a photo or video when you post on Facebook, but it is more engaging if you do.

Facebook Icon Logo

Instagram is a visual-based platform. You may add captions to the images and videos you post, but if the image says it all, a caption isn’t always necessary. You cannot directly link to YouTube or include website links on Instagram.

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Professional Business Page vs. Personal Page
Your social media posts should come from a professional business page set for anyone to view, not your personal page. That should be reserved for friends and family and may have stricter privacy settings.

Set Your Tone
Think of your practice’s social media pages as a virtual extension of your waiting room and reception areas. Like those physical spaces, the digital space should be: inviting, approachable, courteous, helpful, and informative.

Topics and Voice
You speak on behalf of your practice with every post, response, and comment. Interact online as you would with a new patient who’s in the chair for the very first time. Stay away from non-dentistry-related political issues and personal opinions. It’s helpful to think about content this way: if you wouldn’t talk about it in the dental chair with a new patient, don’t talk about it on your practice’s social media accounts.

Social Media Posts for Your Practice

Here, we have created some downloadable images and corresponding post copy you can use on your own Facebook and Instagram business pages. Each topic area corresponds with an MDA Public Campaign and includes a webpage and sample email you may send as a monthly bulletin to your practice’s email list.

Start by sharing content from these MDA Public Campaigns:

Sugary Truth Small Banner
Cavities Small Banner
Taking Care of Your Teeth Small Banner
Care Goes Beyond Coverage Small Banner
Diabetes and Your Oral Health
Teeth Have Feelings Too

How to Post

Follow this easy-to-use guide for posting on Facebook (using either their website or mobile app) and on Instagram (using their mobile app). If you don’t already have a professional business page, set one up by creating an account on Facebook or Instagram and following the steps laid out on those platforms.

Tip #1 Create a Posting Schedule
Create a schedule for yourself or set reminders on your digital calendar to post at least once a week, if not more frequently. Once you get familiar with the platforms, you can pre-schedule and load your posts in advance.

Tip #2 Notifications and Responses
Set up your notifications to alert you whenever someone comments or asks a question on your page. This will help you respond in a timely fashion. Avoid troll traps; remain courteous, and do not continue the conversation with excessive negative commenters.