Late Stage Practice

MDA members who have reached age 55 or so are experienced, successful, ready to give back, and many are looking to retire in the next few years and enter the next chapter of their lives.

The articles below address the issues of special interest to mature practitioners. New articles will be added in the coming months.

Resources, programs, and products from the MDA and ADA are listed below as well. If you have questions on any of these topics, or need assistance with a particular problem or concern, contact the MDA.

MDA Resources

Financial Planning: Case Study of a Dentist — “Into Retirement”

Recorded Webinar

Ted Schumann IISpeaker: Ted C. Schumann II, MBA, CFP

This presentation will follow a dentist through their final years of practice ownership and will discuss topics such as, determining a retirement timeline and evaluating exit strategies. In addition, we will also cover how to construct an investment portfolio to accommodate the shift from accumulation to distribution as well as optimizing Social Security retirement benefits through various claiming strategies.

Learning Objectives:

  • Evaluating ownership exit strategies.
  • Constructing a portfolio for withdrawals.
  • Social Security optimization.

About the speaker … Theodore C. Schumann, II is a third generation financial planner and is an investment advisor representative and managing partner of DBS Investment Advisers, LLC. From portfolio management to comprehensive retirement and financial planning, debt-reduction strategies and fiduciary client service, Schumann serves as a direct point of contact for DBS Investment Advisers. He is a graduate of Central Michigan University and earned his MBA and Master’s degree in finance from Walsh College.

Pre-Retirement Checklist

For dentists, the life-changing decision of when to retire from dental practice should not be made hastily, and should be the product of substantial reflection and discussion with family and advisers. The Michigan Dental Association has created a Pre-Retirement Checklist to walk you through the many questions to ask yourself and your family, and to highlight areas you may need to address.

Download Checklist

After 55: What’s Next A Guide for Members in Late Stage Practice

Retirement brings up a host of — in many cases — unfamiliar personal and practice issues that are often not well-understood or considered. After 55: What’s Next? A Guide for Members in Late Stage Practice is a collection of articles by respected consultants on topics pertinent to the over-55 age group. Originally published in the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association, the MDA has brought these articles together to comprise this downloadable guide.

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Guide Cover: After 55: What's Next?

ADA Resources

The ADA offers a number of resources for late-career stage member dentists. Some of these resources can be accessed at the ADA Center for Professional Success. Others are available at the online ADA Store. See the list below for some of the most-requested materials.

Joining and Leaving the Dental Practice, 3rd Edition

By William P. Prescott, Esq.

Contains information on transitioning out of practice, with discussion on various options, including adding an associate. Discusses the need to have a well-planned strategy for stepping down. This book is designed to educate dental and related professionals on important business, legal, and tax-planning issues of practice entry and succession. (Free e-book.)

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Guide Cover: Joining and Leaving the Dental Practice, 3rd Edition

Alternative Dental Careers for Practicing Dentists

Many dentists choose to pursue non-clinical dental career opportunities. The ADA website contains information on alternative careers, including a self-assessment exercise, careers in academia, dental consulting, dental research, and other options.

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Ways to Use Your Dental Degree

If you are a practicing dentist considering careers beyond traditional practice, you’re in good company. Explore ways to use your education and talents in a variety of fields.

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The ADA Practical Guide to Valuing a Dental Practice

This informational eBook explains on how to value your dental practice, either in preparation for a sale or merger, or for some other reason.

Read the eBook

Closing a Dental Practice

The reasons dentists close their practices vary, including retirement, financial challenges or serious illness or death. This ADA resource, A Guide to Closing a Dental Practice, offers useful information to help with the many details involved in ending a practice. (ADA Store item number CPS-PR017; free to members.)

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Guide Cover: Guide to Closing a Dental Practice

Ten Tips for Preparing Your Practice for Sale

Not an all-inclusive checklist, but a great starting point if you are considering putting your practice on the market.

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ADA Member Advantage

Products and services for ADA/MDA members, including computers and technology, staff apparel, tours and cruises, appliances, commercial real estate, luxury vehicles, and more.

Life After Dentistry

Life After Dentistry: Retirement Lifestyle Readiness is a self-help guide to retirement happiness, providing unique insights, practical guidance, and strategies to ensure a worthwhile and enjoyable retirement. (ADA Store item number P037BT). Member price $38.95; includes a free e-book.

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Guide Cover: Life After Dentistry

ADA Members Retirement Program

Tax-qualified retirement savings plan options for member dentists and their employees.

Additional MDA Resources

MDA Medicare Advisory Service

One-on-one resource for members, their spouses, or employees researching, aging-into, or eligible for Medicare.

Wealth Management/Retirement Planning

MDA-endorsed program through DBS Investment Advisers, LLC.

MDA Job Board

Find an associate or dental team member.

MDA Journal Classifieds

Sell a practice or equipment.

MDA Mentor Program

Share your skills and knowledge by being a mentor.

MDA Insurance

Your in-house MDA insurance agency to cover all your needs.

MDA Services

Money-saving programs for your practice and personal life.

COVER Locum Tenens Program

Information for those seeking, or looking to work as, a temporary dentist.

MDA Volunteer Opportunities

Give back, get involved in your MDA.

MDA Foundation

Giving and service opportunities.

Mission of Mercy

Be a MOM volunteer.

MDA Health and Well-Being Program

Advice and help with navigating the stressors of dental practice.

MDA Continuing Education Seminars

Keep up to date with the latest in CE.

Disclaimer: The articles presented in this section are informational and should not be considered as financial advice from the Michigan Dental Association. The MDA recommends speaking with trusted financial advisers in planning your retirement or making other financial decisions.