OSHA/MIOSHA COVID-19 Compliance in Dental Offices

MIOSHA adopted the OSHA COVID-19 Healthcare Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) in 2021. There have been no changes in OSHA/MIOSHA guidelines since then.

Dental offices that screen everyone entering the office (patients, staff, and guests) and refuse entry to those suspected to be COVID-19 positive are largely exempt from the OSHA ETS requirements.

This ADA Fact Sheet provides detailed information about compliance.

Here’s an overview of what you need to know:

Screenings: Everyone (patients, employees, and non-employees on site) must be screened prior to entry, and those with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 are not permitted to enter.

Record retention for screenings is as follows:

  • Employees and non-employees on site: The screening record retention requirement is no longer in place. However, the MDA recommends maintaining these records for at least six months.
  • Patients: Screening records should be included in the patient’s health record.

Face coverings: According to the OSHA ETS, patients and employees are not required to wear face coverings, regardless of vaccination status. The MDA continues to recommend dental offices follow the latest CDC guidelines.

Distancing: There are no longer social distancing requirements for dental offices.

Preparedness Plan: Dental offices must continue to maintain a COVID-19 preparedness plan that includes “a workplace-specific hazard assessment to identify potential workplace hazards related to COVID-19.” An OSHA inspection for any reason will likely begin with a request for your office’s plan.

Training: Dental offices must ensure that each employee receives training that is consistent with the office’s COVID-19 preparedness plan.

For more detailed information, consult the ADA Fact Sheet.