MDA Member Discounts from Endorsed Vendors Really Add Up!

The exclusive member discounts you get as a result of your MDA membership can really save you money. In fact, using even a handful of MDA-endorsed Services and MDA Insurance programs can not only recoup all your MDA dues, but could save you more than $25,000.

Here’s an example: The Dentists Supply Company, or, gives you VIP pricing with a specific discount from standard prices. Shopping wisely for dental supplies and small equipment can increase your practice’s profitability. MDA members can reap significant savings by creating a “very important practice” account at and adding their ADA number to enjoy additional savings of about 7% below the site’s already low prices. Save about $2,300 on your average spend of $6,655 (about 34%).

When you shop at, you have access to many of the same products sold by Henry Schein Dental, at significantly discounted prices. Shipping is free on orders over $99, and most orders are processed on the same day they are placed. Delivery on in-stock items typically takes only a day or two. Plus, new customers get 25% off their first order of $300 or more with the code WELCOME25 at checkout. offers the supplies you love from the brands you trust, such as 3M, Kerr, DentSply Sirona, Ivoclar, Septodont, Colgate, and many more. You’ll also find great deals on handpieces and small equipment. Register as a VIP at at

Even more member savings

Here are some other select discounts that you as an MDA member receive from our endorsed vendors:

• 6% discount on embezzlement investigation and preventive services from Prosperident Inc. In addition, Prosperident provides free and open access to its Embezzlement Risk Assessment Questionnaire, currently a $139 value if purchased online.

• 25% to 40% discounts on the suite of iCoreConnect cloud-based software products and managed IT services. Save an average of $7,206 when you use iCoreConnect’s full platform of MDA-endorsed programs to enhance your practice’s efficiency, profitability,
and HIPAA-compliant security.

• 50% to 70% on websites ($3,555 average savings) and 5% to 22% discounts on most monthly fees from ProSites on products and services, such as SEO optimization, social media content, and more.

• $50 discount on monthly accounting fees ($600 per year savings) for new DBS accounting clients, or a 5% discount on individual tax filing fees.

• $700 savings on average for Eagle Associates HIPAA, OSHA, and OIG compliance Level 2 service package.

• 0.25% rate reduction from SoFi when you refinance your student loans at That quarter-point discount adds up to thousands of dollars over the course of your loan.

• 38.5% discount on the per-employee per-month administration fee for health savings accounts from Alerus.

In addition to discounted fees for services, MDA vendors deliver quantifiable savings in other ways:

• An average of -$5,516, or 27%, savings on credit card processing fees with Best Card.

• An extra 5% to 7% bonus on the total value of refined precious metals from D-MMEX Easyrefine. Members always get a 5% bonus, and with a coupon sometimes can receive 7%.

• The lowest-cost in-office dental plan platform in the industry. Quality Dental Plan charges only $0.75 per-patient, per-month as an administration fee for using its in-office dental plan platform that delivers everything you need to establish, market, and manage your IOP. Other firms charge $3-$5 per-patient, per-month.

• Watch for quarterly special member discounts from Solmetex on amalgam separators and supplies, saving you several hundred dollars.

As you can see from the above, being an MDA member really does pay for itself when you take advantage of all the negotiated discounts on products and services, as well as insurance, that are available to you. Visit or call 800-860-2272 whenever you’re looking for a product or service.