Beware of Phishing Email

The MDA has learned that another phishing email is currently circulating supposedly from the MDA and inviting recipients to collect a “MDA membership CE certificate.” This is not legitimate and should be deleted immediately. The email uses a sending email address that is clearly not from the Michigan Dental Association. , which is not an active email address.

While this email may look legitimate at first glance, there are telltale signs that it is fake. First, there is a random Adobe logo at the top of the message. Second, the wording of the message itself is odd. Third, mousing over the link clearly shows a suspicious file sharing website. An example appears here.

If you receive this email, please delete the message immediately.

As a friendly reminder, there’s nothing the MDA can do about email phishing and spoofing. Remember that spoofing and phishing emails are generally easy to spot. Generally look for the following:

  • The sender’s email address doesn’t match the sending address.
  • The email involves requests for money transfers or to download a file.
  • The message contains poor grammar or is oddly written.
  • The message contains distorted graphics.

Again if you receive such a message, you should delete it immediately.