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Substance abuse and other addictions are real hazards to dental professionals. You may feel shame, guilt, and a sense of worthlessness. Likewise, the stress of dental practice can sometimes become unmanageable. Your practice, your reputation, and the well-being of your family, patients, and employees are all at stake.

Start the recovery process through the MDA Health and Well-Being Program. This advocacy program matches those in need with concerned colleagues who’ve had similar experiences or who are familiar with addiction, recovery, or related issues.

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How the Program Works

The MDA Health and Well-Being Program matches those in need with concerned colleagues who’ve had similar experiences or who are familiar with addiction, recovery, or related issues. The program assists MDA members, their families, or staff in recovery, and is completely confidential. Just speak with the the staff and you’ll be given the number of a concerned colleague who is also a program member. After your initial call, background information is gathered so you can start getting the help you need. If you’re calling about a family or dental team member, you’ll be informed about contact made with them regarding your concerns. Your identity, family, and practice are protected at all times, so all you have to worry about is getting your life back.

Reporting Impaired Colleagues

The safety of patients, co-workers, and their families always takes first priority. As a health professional, you may find yourself having “reasonable cause to believe” that a colleague is “impaired.” You are required by state law to report the person to state licensure authorities. Mandatory reporting doesn’t apply if you obtain the knowledge as a patient or when serving on a peer review committee for a professional association or health facility. Michigan law also requires licensees to report their own convictions by calling the state at 517-373-3196 or calling the Michigan Health Professionals Recovery Program at 800-453-3784.

What People Are Saying …

The following are testimonials from dental professionals and their spouses about the MDA Care and Well-Being Program:

“I remember standing out in the garage drinking my vodka and orange juice. I said, ‘you’re killing yourself, you’re going to lose everything. From deep inside the voice of addiction said, ‘I don’t care. I like to drink.’ I never want to forget that voice. It said I no longer had the ability to choose not to drink. A little over 15 years ago my wife called the MDA and asked for help. They put her in touch with the MDA’s Care and Well-Being Program. They did an intervention and just may have saved my life.”

— A dentist

“Stopping drinking was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and thank God there was the MDA Care and Well Being Program to help me.”

— A dentist

“I’ve never felt so much freedom in all my life since I’ve given up drinking and drugging.”

— A dentist

“I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I got help. Thank you, MDA.”

— A dentist

“I can remember my dad was always in a very strange mood when he drank. He was always too emotional, and either very angry or very loving. Now that he’s sober, he’s an incredible dad.”

— Daughter of an MDA member

“One of the things that hurt a lot was being embarrassed in front of people. Fights with spouses or others. I was embarrassed to have friends over because I never knew what you were going to say or how you were going to act. You definitely had a different personality when you drank. I’m extremely glad you don’t drink anymore. You are so much more fun to be around now. I don’t have to worry about what kind of mood you’ll be in. I’m never embarrassed to be with you anymore. I know you will always be there for me now. I am so proud of everything you have done. I love you.”

— A dental spouse

“Today I am in good recovery. I am grateful for all the help I’ve received … Today, I know that I have a choice to be happy in this life — if I choose to remain in recovery.”

— A dentist

“The MDA’s Care and Well-Being Program has assisted over 200 Michigan dental professionals. Many dental family members in recovery today are leading sober lives, and their mental or emotional disorders are under control, thanks to the Care and Well-Being Program committee referrals to treatment facilities.”

— A Care and Well-Being Program committee member

“It’s reassuring to know you can always call your MDA Care and Well-Being Program first and get the answers you may need to save a practice, a career, and maybe a life.”

— A Care and Well-Being Program committee member

“The doctor admitted to his addictions and knew he had to seek help. He got it, and he has been a new man for the past 8 years. He has a wonderful practice and a great outlook on his life. He has a beautiful grandchild he can truly enjoy and all of my respect. What a difference on decision can make! I will always be a believer in him.”

— A dental team member