MDA Member Assisting Program Heading

The MDA Member Assistance Program offers member dentists access to FREE and CONFIDENTIAL short-term counseling by licensed Master’s-level counselors 24/7 via phone, mobile app, chat, and video.

MDA Health and Well-Being Program Heading

The MDA Health and Well-Being Program matches those in need with concerned colleagues who’ve had similar experiences or who are familiar with addiction, recovery, or related issues.

Wellness Webinars Heading

A variety of webinars are available from the ADA and the MDA’s partners at Encompass on topics including mental health, physical health and ergonomics, opioid prescribing, pregnancy issues, and more.

Wellness Resources Heading

For members seeking information or help on other well-being issues, the following information offer daily practices for improving mental health, emotional well-being, and more.

Other Wellness Programs Heading

Find a variety of health and well-being programs from state agencies and other organizations.