The MDA has contracted with an outside voting company, Lumi, which offers integrated voting using Zoom software. Delegates will only need to log in once to the online Lumi platform. When it is time to vote, a voting screen will appear. This system has an integrated Q/A process, making it easier to ask questions and request to speak.

A training session has been scheduled for April 6, 2021, at 7 p.m. for delegates, Board of Trustees, committee chairs, component executives, and ADA council members. Log-in information will be emailed on March 29.

While alternate delegates do not have access to the floor of the House, they are encouraged to attend the training so they are familiar with the platform in the event they need to substitute for a delegate. Unfortunately, substitutions must be made in advance of each meeting and not during the meeting as in the past. Alternate delegates will have speaking privileges during the reference committee hearing and are encouraged to attend.

Please carefully review the Lumi Tech Requirements below and remember that you MUST join the virtual meeting on a laptop or desktop computer. NOTE: Mobile devices (iPhones/Androids/tablets) are not supported.

Lumi Instructions

Click the buttons below to download information on the Lumi platform and voting instructions that also includes a list of candidates.

Instructions on the Lumi platform are also available by watching this short video: