The role of the House of Delegates is to support and advance the profession of dentistry and the oral health of the residents of the state of Michigan and to establish and support the mission statement and bylaws of this Association. As such, its purpose is to focus on public policy, legislative advocacy, professional practice issues, and representation of the members. It speaks for the more than 5,600 dentist members of the Association and for the dental profession in Michigan. The 102 delegates of the House of Delegates are chosen by the 26 component societies and the two dental schools.

The House of Delegates has the power to advise the Board of Trustees regarding any matter of importance to the Association, adopt and amend the Standards of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct, and elect the officers and members of the Board of Trustees. The House normally meets during the MDA’s Annual Session each year.

The 2023 meetings will be held in Lansing at the Lansing Center on April 18 and April 20.