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Leadership Webinars

Both the ADA and MDA have a host of resources available to help you become a more effective leader. Explore the options below!

NEW! How to Plan a Successful CE Event

Recorded Webinar

Speaker: Andrea Sundermann, CAE, MDA Director of Continuing Education

Unlock the essential skills needed to excel in organizing a local component CE event through this concise and comprehensive video. During this session, you’ll gain valuable insights into the event planning process, providing you with the tools to elevate your proficiency in organizing a successful CE event. Gain the knowledge to offer valuable contributions to the success of your event and oversee information recording responsibilities.

Andrea Sundermann

About the speaker … Andrea Sundermann, CAE, is the director of continuing education at the Michigan Dental Association. She has been with the MDA for more than 25 years and manages the organization’s Annual Session and continuing education programming. Sundermann earned the Certified Association Executive credential in 2005 and holds a bachelor’s degree in communication with an emphasis on public relations from Michigan State University.

Filing and Finding Your Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Recorded Webinar

Speaker: Randy Dean

How can you be confident that if you file your e-mails, you can find them when you need them later? Many people actually leave e-mails in their inbox because they are afraid if they file into subfolders, they won’t be able to find them later. The problem with that: you’ll probably look at e-mails you have already dealt with again and again, simply because you left them in your inbox vs. putting them away.

In this short video, Randy Dean, MBA, The E-mail Sanity Expert®, covers several tools and tips that will make you feel more confident in both filing and finding your e-mails, including tips on labeling e-mails before filing (Categories), and how to better use Outlook Search. With these tools at your disposal, you should have much greater confidence in filing your e-mails and then being able to find them again later. And that should directly lead to a much “cleaner and leaner” inbox, helping you to be significantly more productive, prioritized, and efficient in your daily e-mail activities.

Time Stamps:

  • Writing Better Subject Lines (1:53)
  • Use the Categories in Outlook to Label Your E-mails Before Filing (3:25)
  • Add Key Words to Your Sent and Received E-mails (9:44)
  • Learn how to effectively use Search (13:25)
  • Options for file design and file management in your Outlook (16:55)
Randy Dean

About the speaker … Randy Dean, MBA, is the author of the recent Amazon.com #1 e-mail Bestseller, Taming the E-mail Beast, as well as the producer and creator of several highly-rated video-based self-study courses. He has nearly 30 years of experience using and teaching an advanced time management personal organization system.

Taking Minutes

Recorded Webinar

Speaker: Michelle Nichols-Cruz, MDA Governance Manager

Discover the vital skills necessary to become a pro at taking minutes for meetings of MDA’s organizations with our brief comprehensive video tutorial. In this engaging session, you will find practical guidance of the minute-taking process, empowering you to boost your productivity. Learn how to contribute effectively to the success of your organization and record information accurately and efficiently.

Michelle Nichols-Cruz

About the speaker … Michelle Nichols-Cruz is the governance manager for the Michigan Dental Association. She has been with the MDA for more than 35 years and manages the communications and reports of the MDA Board of Trustees and House of Delegates.

Ready, Set, Change!

Recorded Webinar

Speaker: April Callis-Birchmeier, CSP, CCMP, PMP

Discover a model to navigate personal and organizational change while building agility and resilience in yourself and others. Identify strategies and techniques to recognize and overcome resistance, uncertainty, and apprehension.

April Callis Birchmeier, CCMP, PMP

About the speaker … April Callis-Birchmeier is recognized as one of the Top 30 Global Gurus in Organizational Culture both in 2021 and 2022. She is CEO of Springboard Consulting, a change management consulting firm, which provides change implementation support and education, and developed the global professional standard for all change management practitioners worldwide. She is an Association of Change Management Professionals Qualified Education Provider and her expertise and experience are evident in certifications such as PMP Project Management Professional®, Certified Speaking Professional™, and Certified Change Management Professional™.

Running an Effective Meeting

Recorded Webinar

Speakers: Todd Christy, DDS; Deb Peters, DDS

Join Drs. Todd Christy and Deb Peters who will help you improve your meetings to make them more efficient, effective, and impactful. Learn how to plan your meeting, identify meeting considerations including formality, size, and “virtual”, setting the agenda (including examples), and more.


Drs. Todd Christy and Deb Peters

About the speakers … Dr. Todd Christy is the current Speaker of the House of Delegates for the Michigan Dental Association. Dr. Deb Peters is former president and former Speaker of the House of Delegates of the MDA.

MDA Leadership Forum

The MDA Leadership Forum is a great way to get more involved in organized dentistry, or to just build your personal leadership skills. You’ll be inspired by insightful sessions and expert speakers. Information for the 2023 Leadership Forum is now available.

Leadership Orientation Videos

There are three primary legal duties of volunteer leaders: Care, Loyalty, and Obedience. The MDA has created the following Leadership Orientation videos that focuses on each of these core duties to help our volunteer leaders be the best that they can be.

ADA Resources

MDA Resources

  • Committee Operating Manual
    Delineates the operation, protocol, duties and responsibilities of each of the standing and special committees of the Michigan Dental Association.
  • Committee Orientation
    A detailed overview of the MDA governance structure and the role of committees within that structure.
  • Committee Orientation Slides
    A general overview of MDA governance including membership, financial, and organizational goals.
  • Guidelines for Chairing a Committee
    The success you achieve as head of a committee will largely depend on your ability to preside and guide the meetings of the committee to a definite goal. These guidelines were created to assist you in reaching that goal.
  • How MDA Policy is Formed
    Get a quick view of how MDA policy goes from the concept stage to becoming enacted.

Effective Communication Training
The MDA Board of Trustees had a Zoom session with communications expert Janine Maclachlan, who gave board members info to help them communicate more effectively, especially in virtual meetings. The “live” program included a chance to practice, but everyone can benefit from the insights Janine shared in this short, informative video.

LEAD Program

The MDA is excited to offer our members LEAD: Leadership Exploration And Development Program. This comprehensive, 12-month program is designed to build personal leadership skills through immersion experiences within organized dentistry. No previous volunteer experience is required: participants will receive a thorough orientation to every aspect of the ADA network. The program will expose eight participants to a blend of group, team, and individual activities. READ MORE >>