Revised June 2019

Information for Authors

The Journal of the Michigan Dental Association invites submission of research articles, clinical case reports, clinical techniques, evidence-based reviews, perspectives, and practice management articles. Articles are accepted with the understanding that they have not been submitted elsewhere and are submitted solely to the MDA Journal. All articles accepted and published by the MDA become copyright property of the Michigan Dental Association in print and electronic media formats.

The following criteria are guidelines for submission of material. Please note that adjustments may be made to these guidelines upon request or as required. In general, feature article manuscripts should range between 1,500 and 3,000 words. Exceptions may be made for special circumstances.

All articles will be peer-reviewed through a single blind review process, where the reviewed knows the author’s identity but the author(s) are not aware of the reviewer’s identity. Authors should expect to be asked to make additions or alterations based on reviewer comments.

The Journal seeks to publish articles in the following areas:

General research and review articles — Reports of detailed investigations of interest to dentistry, including clinical and laboratory research, evidence-based reviews, diagnosis and treatment of dental disease, and studies in dental economy and education. Articles must be appropriately referenced. Text should range between 625 and 2,000 words although longer manuscripts will be considered.

Clinical case reports — Succinct reports of cases and clinical observations.

Clinical techniques — Descriptions of practical applications of methods or techniques. These articles may range from 625 to 2,000 words.

Practice management articles — Descriptions of methods used in planning and administration of office and practice procedures. Benchmarks and resources are desirable and should have citations.

Perspectives of opinion — Essays on current issues in dentistry. References are unnecessary. Text should not exceed 675 words.

Letters to the editor — All letters must be signed. Length should normally not exceed 250 words. All letters may be cut for length or content.

Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word files, either via email or on computer disk or flash drive. Manuscripts should be formatted to fit on one side of an 8 ½ -x 11-inch page with ample margins (at least one inch) on all four sides. Formatting should be minimal. Sorry, we cannot accept hard-copy only submissions. Disks or flash drives will not be returned. Articles should be submitted to the Journal managing editor and copied to the editor-in-chief:

David Foe, MA
Managing Editor
 [email protected]

Christopher J. Smiley, DDS
 [email protected]

Questions may be directed to the managing editor at the same address, or call 800-589-2632, extension 421. A cover letter, naming one author as correspondent with an address, telephone number and email address, should accompany the manuscript.

Authors are expected to disclose any financial, economic, or professional interests that may have influenced positions presented in their articles. Such interests should be disclosed with the author acknowledgements. Compliance with the disclosure request will be inferred at the time of the submission of the article.

Peer review: All articles submitted except for certain invited articles, perspectives of opinion, and letters to the editor are subject to a single-blinded peer review process: the reviewer knows the identity of the author, but authors are not given the names of the reviewers. Following review by peers, the editor-in-chief makes a determination of whether to publish the manuscript. Authors may be sent recommendations for revision based on the reviews. The editor reserves the right to edit the manuscripts, to fit articles within available space, and to ensure conciseness, clarity and stylistic consistency. Edits will be provided to the authors prior to publication.

Article titles: Titles should be descriptive, but concise and amenable to indexing. The editors reserve the right to re-title all articles.

Abstracts: All clinical or research articles should include an Abstract of up to 150 words. This abstract will be published on or near the first page of the article.

Author credentials: Academic degrees, university affiliations, and a short (two or three paragraph) biography should all be provided upon submission. An “About the Author” box of two or three paragraphs will be published, along with a photograph of the author, if the article is accepted for publication. These should be included with the manuscript submission.

References: Follow reference style used in the Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA). See issues of JADA for examples. Submissions with incorrect references will be returned to authors for revision.

Digital Illustration/Photo Requirement: Because the MDA strives to produce a professional looking product, all photos, drawings, or graphics must be of high quality for satisfactory reproduction. Only high-resolution (300 dpi) .jpg or .tiff digital images will be accepted. Photos may be submitted on CD, DVD, flash drive, or attached (not embedded) in emails. Drawings or graphics may be re-set by the MDA if accepted for publication. DO NOT embed images in Word documents or send images as PDF documents. Do not copy images from websites if they are intended for print publication. Website images are low resolution (72 dpi) and will appear significantly smaller than how they appear on screen. Only submit the original digital version of image files.


Hard Copy Illustration/Photo Requirement: The back side of submitted prints of illustrations/images must contain the figure number and the TOP edge of the illustration/image indicated lightly in pencil. If a figure contains two or more parts, the figure number and each part should be indicated. Each set of illustrations should be placed in a separate envelope labeled with the name of the author. Authors are advised to keep a set of photos in the unlikely event that photos submitted are lost. Photographic prints should be at least 3-inches-by-5-inches in size; larger is preferred. Captions/legends for illustrations and photos should be typed on a separate page.

NOTE: If you are unable to provide illustrations/images that meet the requirements listed above, your article submission will not be accepted.

Tables: Tables should be logically organized and should supplement the information provided in the text. They should be numbered in the order of their mention in the text, and each should be included on a separate page with the table title and footnotes, if any.

Permissions: Permission of author and publisher must be obtained for the direct use of previously published material (text, photos, drawings). Up to 100 words of prose usually can be quoted without permission, provided the material quoted is not the essence of the complete work.

Photo releases: Waivers must be obtained for the publication of photographs showing persons or for photos copyrightable by photo houses. Photo releases are available upon request.

Copyright: Unless otherwise requested, all manuscripts and photos published in the Journal of the Michigan Dental Association become the property of the Michigan Dental Association. This ownership includes rights of publication on the Internet. Articles published in the Journal may be reproduced or reprinted only after written permission has been granted by the MDA.