What is MDA Dental PAC?

MDA Dental PAC is the political action committee of the Michigan Dental Association. Since 1968 the MDA Dental PAC has helped legislators, governors, Supreme Court justices, and other elected officials that are friends of dentistry get elected and re-elected to public office. MDA Dental PAC is funded entirely by the donations of member dentists. The donations are made through the annual dues assessment, fundraising activities and online contributions.

Find out more about MDA Dental PAC by watching the short video and reading the FAQs below. If you’d like to contribute to MDA Dental PAC, please email Kesha Dixon or call 517-346-9452.

PAC Dashboard

Track the contributions to the MDA Dental PAC, see trends in contributions, and discover how your PAC donations have played a part in legislative advocacy.

PAC Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what the MDA Dental PAC is all about.

What is the purpose of MDA Dental PAC?
The purpose of the MDA Dental PAC is to support political leaders and candidates that share our views regarding the practice of dentistry, oral healthcare, access to care and business issues. In turn, this support helps create access and dialogue with those in positions to make decisions affecting the practice of dentistry in Michigan.

What is the role of the MDA Dental PAC Board of Governors?
MDA Dental PAC is overseen by a Board of Governors. The board is made up of MDA member dentists. The duty of board members is to provide suggestions on who should receive PAC dollars, attend political events that MDA Dental PAC sponsors, motivate colleagues to build relationships with local legislators and encourage colleagues to contribute to the PAC. The MDA Dental PAC executive committee and MDA staff also help direct the funds the PAC gives to candidates.

How are contributions decided?
Dollars received from members are pooled together to make a powerful impact. Acting as your broker, MDA staff studies races, looks at candidates’ past voting records and opinion polls. A wide variety of factors are considered when determining if a candidate is worthy of our financial support. Typically, legislators that are in leadership positions, chair committees that deal with issues important to members, advocate for oral health and are open to hearing the concerns of organized dentistry receive support. Staff also takes into account what party is in the majority and minority and the suggestions of MDA Dental PAC Board of Governors. MDA Dental PAC is bi-partisan and contributes to candidates in both parties.

What is the difference between “hard dollars” and “soft dollars”?
“Hard dollars” means that the money is donated from personal funds and can be used to make direct contributions to political candidates or caucuses. This category of money cannot include corporate dollars. For example, a donation from a professional corporation (PC) cannot be used to make donations to political candidates. “Soft dollars” means the money cannot be used for political donations. When a donation is made using corporate money the donation is placed in this account. This category of money can only be used for administration of the PAC or to make donations to 501(c)(3) committees.

How can I find out how my PAC dollars are being spent?
Throughout the year members of the Board of Governors receive a contribution report that details how dollars are allocated. You can also call the Michigan Dental Association at 800-589-2632 for information regarding who MDA Dental PAC supports.