Michigan Medicaid Budget Proposals: What You Need to Know

The MDA supports the Executive Recommendation for a significant increase in funding and reform of the Medicaid dental programs based on the following principles to ensure equitable access for Michigan’s Medicaid recipients. Read the facts below to understand why the Michigan Medicaid proposal is important and why your voice to make it happen is important.

Dentists who want to effect change in Michigan’s Medicaid dental programs are encouraged to contact their legislators, take action through MDA’s alerts, and participate in local meetings with legislators to discuss these issues, concerns, and recommendations.

  • One in every 4 Michiganders is covered by Medicaid dental benefits. Healthy Kids Dental (over 1M children), Healthy Michigan Plan (over 1M working adults and pregnant women), and fee-for-service (approx. 600,000 caregivers, special needs adults, disabled adults).
  • The Executive Recommendation would address all Michigan’s Medicaid dental programs. It would require a new bidding process and contract for administration of the fee-for-service dental benefits, Healthy Michigan Plan dental benefits and Healthy Kids Dental. Through the bidding process, issues like rates and network adequacy could be addressed at one time. The proposed funding ($243.3M total, $68.6M state) is in addition to the amounts already spent on those programs separately.
  • The proposals put forward by the House ($51M total, $17.7 state) and Senate ($41.6M total, $14.4M state) take a much smaller amount and increase the existing fee schedule and benefits for the adult fee-for-service dental benefit.
  • The MDA has a set of policies determined by the MDA Board of Trustees and regularly reviewed by the MDA Committee on Governmental and Insurance Affairs and Committee on Access to Care, to address Medicaid issues including ease of administration for patients and providers, reimbursement rates, network adequacy, patient no-shows, and allowing dentists who are non-participating with the insurance company to participate with the government program they are administering.
  • All Medicaid managed care contracts (Healthy Michigan Plan and Healthy Kids Dental) are periodically re-bid according to federal regulation. This process allows the state to adjust its contract requirements and re-evaluate the plans administering the benefits. There is opportunity during this process for public and stakeholder input. The MDA’s policies and recommendations for improvements are shared regularly with legislators who approve the funding and state decision-makers who write the contracts throughout the budget and contract bidding processes.
Medicaid Dental Services Utilization

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Healthy Michigan Dental Plan Enrollment

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