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The Michigan Dental Association recognizes that many Michiganders are unable to access timely, equitable, appropriate dental care to meet their needs. Learn more about MDA’s actions to address barriers and implement solutions.

In 2009, the MDA convened the first of its kind workgroup to begin identifying solutions and bringing together stakeholders to pursue change. Since that time, the MDA has taken on a number of initiatives to improve access and the original workgroup has evolved into a standing committee.

To learn more about MDA’s action over the past three years, please read the linked report from the MDA Committee on Access to Care titled The Complexities of Access to Care and How the MDA is Working to Remove Barriers.

Serving patients who are elderly, or have a permanent disability or chronic illness. MDA staff coordinators link qualified patients with volunteer dentists. Volunteer labs provide donated services as well. Volunteer dentists earn free CE and provide care in their own offices.

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Michigan Medicaid is being redesigned! This means millions in new investments in dental, including newly covered procedures and increased reimbursement for adults. Access resources to help your office navigate the changes and consider your participation status.

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MDA successfully advocated for a significant increase to CPT 41899 facility fee for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers willing to host dental cases. Learn about the new rate and access resources to help spread the word and increase locations willing to see these patients.

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The MDA is working harder than ever to ensure communities continue to benefit from this public health initiative. Access resources in this section to help educate your patients and community leaders about the importance and safety of community water fluoridation.

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Learn more about the members and activities of the MDA Committee on Access to Care. (MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT)

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Learn more about the members and activities of the MDA Committee on DEI. (MEMBERS ONLY CONTENT)

Mission of Mercy is a FREE two-day dental clinic for any child or adult needing treatment, regardless of dental history, insurance status, or ability to pay.