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The Michigan Dental Association Foundation proudly presents a recipient of the 2012-13 Academic year, Michigan Dental Association Foundation Mitus Scholarship, to Meagan Hopp from Rogers City, Mich. The Foundation had the opportunity to chat with the recipient and would like to share some of her thoughts and inspirations regarding dentistry:

Where do you go to school, which schools have you attended on your journey to becoming a dental professional?

I attended SVSU in Saginaw, than later changed my school to Delta College in Bay City.

Why did you want to become a dental professional?

I have always loved looking at people’s teeth, and learning about them. I have also loved volunteering and helping people anyway I knew how. So it was then I realized I wanted to do something in the health profession. And with my love of teeth I narrowed my search down to the dental profession.

Who inspired/mentored you along the way?

My parents both inspired and pushed me to become more then I could ever image. They always had me strive to be the best I could be, and work to get a good career for myself. Also my pediatric dentist that I had when I was younger was a huge influence; when going their he loved what I was interested in and always told me what he was doing and even allowed me to watch him work in my little brother’s mouth. Also, all my teachers from the dental assisting program at Delta College helped me see what I could reach if I worked hard enough to get it. They taught me so much and I appreciate every moment.

What is the best advice you have been given while in the pursuit of your career?

To never settle for less than what you believe you deserve, and to push to reach those goals and dreams.

What advice can you give to students thinking about pursuing a career in dentistry?

It isn’t easy but it is so much fun, I loved every second of it. You must work to get the grades and learning that you will need to strive in this profession. Never think about the easy way out of things but instead the best way and always do your best work no matter the circumstance. Also you are never in an office by yourself so lend a helping hand when it is needed and everything will go much smoother.

What do you enjoy the most about dentistry?

The thing I enjoy most about dentistry is helping people in need. It gives me the best feeling in the world when I see that I have helped someone in pain or that needed it.

Can you share a story or experience that made you realize that dentistry was the right profession for you?

I knew dentistry was the best profession for me because when I was younger I was always pulling my little brothers loose teeth out. Weird I know but for some reason I loved it. I also was never one of those kids that were scared about going to the dentist, in fact I loved it. I loved the smell, the noise, and the equipment. And every time I went I could picture myself there when I was older.

Is there one procedure you enjoy the most?

I love most every procedure done in an office, because I love working with other people. And also I am a perfectionist so I love making sure that before the patient leaves my chair it will be perfect.

How has winning the Michigan Dental Association Foundation Scholarship helped you?

It has helped me pay for my last semester of school. I was afraid that I would have made it this far, then right when the finish line was so close I would not be able to cross it. So thank you so very, very much, you made it possible for me to finish my goal.

Where do you see yourself in six months after graduation?

I see myself in a dental office working and changing the world one patient at a time. I also see myself finally living my life, and pushing towards new goals.

Where do you see yourself in three/10 years after graduation?

I see myself still working and hopefully having a family. I cannot wait to start having children and working to support them and pushing them towards their goals and dreams, just like my parents pushed me.

Have you attended any local, state or national dental meetings?

Yes I have.

If so, what did you enjoy about attending the meeting? If no, why not?

I loved seeing people from all over the community meet up and all be welcome. I also loved the presentations, they were so informative. It was well worth joining them.

What do you like to do beyond dentistry (hobbies, talents, etc.)?

I love being with my family. I love camping as a family and just being together to catch up. I also love going out dancing, it was one of my hobbies as a child and while in high school and I still am in love with it today.

Thank you for a glimpse into the life of a Michigan Dental Association Foundation Mitus Scholarship recipient. Your hard work and efforts are clearly demonstrated. You will be an asset to the dental profession.

The Michigan Dental Association Foundation awards scholarships annually to dental, dental hygiene and dental assisting students. We believe that the people of Michigan deserve exceptional oral health professionals. All scholarships are given to Michigan residents attending Michigan universities and colleges. The Michigan Dental Association Foundation is devoted to becoming the philanthropic leader of the oral health community in order to fund student scholarships, provide oral health initiatives and access to care.

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