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Bridging Technology and Dentistry

David Coviak is finishing his third year at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan in 2008 and then worked two years in information technology at Clemson University before returning to U-M to begin dental school.

Coviak is active in the dental community through his leadership roles in the American Student Dental Association, Student Council Clinic Issues Committee, and Delta Sigma Delta, the international dental fraternity. These keep him busy, but he also loves making time for playing sports, skiing, and boating. He is an avid college sports fan and enjoys season tickets for U-M football, basketball, and hockey.

Coviak said he believes that dentistry can be a lonely profession and hopes to better connect practitioners through communication technologies, which is why he is a contributor to the Academy of General Dentistry’s weblog, The Daily Grind. His professional interests are continually evolving and now include technology in the dental office, dental implants, and oral and maxillofacial surgery.

After graduation, Coviak said he hopes to continue his studies in a residency program, prior to entering group private practice and teaching part-time. He is active in the Michigan Dental Association and also hopes to continue his involvement with MDA committees throughout his career. Coviak said he is especially interested in working with new members and breaking down barriers to practice ownership by connecting recent graduates to exceptional dental business leaders.

“The substantial expense of dental school is no secret, but the Robert Mitus Third Year Dental Student Scholarship will undoubtedly offset many of the additional expenses that present themselves during the fourth yea,” Coviak said, expressing his appreciation for the support of the Michigan Dental Association Foundation. He said the extra money will assist with externship travel expenses and NERB registration fees.

Every dollar counts and Coviak said he considers himself lucky to live in a state with such a supportive dental community, for which he is thankful.


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