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Alejandra Mejia is a second year student at Baker College in Port Huron, Mich. Since she was a little girl, Mejia loved to play doctor and was always fascinated about how the body worked. This combined with the inspiration from her Aunt Maria, a current dental assistant in California, pushed her to apply for the dental hygiene program at Baker College. 

Many do not know this, but English is actually Mejia’s second language; her first being Spanish. From her humble beginnings, she began to learn English as a child growing up in California by watching Disney movies. Being bilingual has allowed Mejia to translate between patients and physicians while she was a medical assistant for more than seven years. With this experience from the medical field, Mejia plans to integrate her skills into the dental field to provide a comfortable environment for Spanish speaking dental patients.

Mejia plans to someday provide dental care to a wide range of communities by providing free or low cost dental care and cleanings through a dental bus. She also intends to become an advocate within the dental profession by being a voice and a mentor to future dental hygienists from all walks of life.

“I enjoy making a difference in a person’s smile, as well as making a personal connection with my patients,” she said.  

“Winning the Michigan Dental Association Foundation Scholarship has been a blessing,” Mejia continued, “and it has helped me to pay for my boards because I had to come up with the money on my own.” 

Mejia is an active member of the American Dental Hygiene Association, enjoys partaking in community service, and has continued plans to pursue her bachelor’s degree. She is happily married, enjoys spending time with family and friends and resides in Columbus, Mich.

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