Human Trafficking Identification: Take a Closer Look

Speaker: Sheila Ann Meshinski, BSN, RN, CEN, CFN
CE Credits: 1
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The Michigan law banning human trafficking took effect on Aug. 24, 2006, with various provisions strengthening the law occurring over the following years. In 2014, the Training for Medical Professionals provision was adopted requiring most medical professionals (including dentists) to become trained in identifying the signs of human trafficking. This training session meets the Michigan Board of Dentistry’s new licensing requirement — adopted Jan. 6, 2017 — for health care professionals to complete an identification training course.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the types and venues of human trafficking in the state of Michigan.
  • Identifying victims of human trafficking in health care settings.
  • Recognizing the warning signs of human trafficking in health care settings for adults and minors.
  • Resources for reporting the suspected victims of human trafficking.

This course counts toward the Certified Dental Business Professional program.
Earn 1 credit in the Customer Services/Communication category. Click here for more information on the MDA Certified Dental Business Professional program. Look for this logo for other CDBP-qualifying courses.

Additional Resources for Dentists

Healthcare professionals are on the frontlines when it comes to identifying and caring for victims of human trafficking. In addition to the online training course here, please take the time to view the additional resources available on the MDA website to further educate yourself on how to recognize indicators of abuse so you can intercede on behalf of the patient.