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Starting or Joining a Dental Study Club

Forming or participating in a dental study club is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet new people, learn new techniques, and grow your network. Depending on the study club or the type of club, you can also earn continuing education credit.

Study clubs are as varied as the dental professionals who participate in them. They can be formal, with dues, officers, regular meetings, and so forth, or they can be less formal — or somewhere in between.

What kind of people participate in dental study clubs? All kinds of dentists, including people like you. Young, old, male, female — you’ll find study club participants in every demographic.

This section contains helpful links to some of the better-known study clubs on the web, and also links to articles that can show you how to start a study club of your own.

Note that in order to offer continuing education credits that count toward relicensure in the state of Michigan, a study club must be an approved provider. The MDA is an approved provider but this approval is for MDA courses only. For more information about CE credits, click here.

Well-known Dental Study Clubs

Tips on Forming a Dental Study Club

General Study Club Information

NOTE: The above listings do not constitute an endorsement of any of the study clubs listed. The MDA is not responsible for the content on any of the websites listed and has not verified the accuracy of the information contained therein.

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