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Dr. Drew Moeller

What's the most important part of being an MDA member to you? Being connected to the dental community and having access to all of the support the MDA provides. 

It's 2030 and time travel is finally here; what year do you head to first and why? 1773 to witness the Boston Tea Party

Tell us the three best things about being a dentist to you. Getting to meet so many interesting people. Getting people out of pain. Meeting and exceeding patient expectations. 

Spartans or Wolverines?

Pizza or tacos?

1 hour nap or 1 hour uninterrupted TV time?


1 hour uninterrupted TV time.

Tell us about your personal proudest moment as a professional in dentistry? Immediately and permanently relieving my mom's severe tooth pain via endodontic treatment. 

What would you tell a D1, first year dental student if you could? Develop an outstanding bedside manner and you will be successful wherever you go. 

Tell us the funniest myth you've heard about dentists. That we use extracted teeth to make jewelry.