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Welcome to the MDA Legislative Connection videocast, a continuing series of videos connecting you to the MDA's legislative efforts. Bill Sullivan, MDA vice president of advocacy and professional relations, and Josh Kluzak, MDA government/insurance affairs manager, provide you with timely updates and calls to action on legislation affecting the dental profession.

Latest Video

Sales Tax and Dental Therapist Updates: Josh Klusak, MDA government and insurance affairs manager, provides updates on the MDA's efforts to repeal the sales tax on dental prosthetics, as well as its fight against SB 541, which would create a midlevel dental therapist position in Michigan.



Sales Tax on Dental Prosthetics: A recent change in state policy has led to more labs charging sales tax on dental prosthetics. Due to the significant cost increase this policy puts on dentists the MDA is currently working with the legislature and other stakeholders, like the Michigan Chamber of Commerce, in drafting legislation to repeal the tax.