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Seeking Employment

Looking for ideal full-time position.

Twenty-seven years experience. Sold my multi-million dollar practice after 25 years. All aspects of dentistry, no limitations on time. Call 248-568-2906. (Posted 1-8-18)

Desire a full-time associate position.

Sold my practice after 26 years. Looking for a new home. Perform all forms of treatment: Endo, surgery, ortho etc. Live in West Bloomfield. Will drive. Call 248-568-2906. (Posted 11-13-17)

Senior dentist looking for part-time employment

one or two days a week, preferably in Canton, Ann Arbor, Plymouth areas. Proficient in all phases of general dentistry including endo, oral surgery, and ortho. Will work Medicaid. Resume available on request. Email at or call 313-618-7989. (Posted 8-29-17)