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Practices for Sale

Southeast Michigan north —

Here's one for everyone. New grad? Perfect. Part-time build-up while you keep your other job? Perfect. Satellite? Perfect. Merger? More than perfect. Not far from the freeway or the water. Freestanding building on doctor row. Medium-sized, historic town. Collects $391K from 1,000 patients. Current owner works four laid-back days and refers out endo, oral surgery, ortho, and some perio. Dale Wagman, 517-375-3740, (Posted 5-20-19)

Greater Big Rapids area —

It is no secret that rural practices frequently out-do their big city cousins. Here is one that collects more than $860K from 1,864 patients on just three-plus days per week. Close to hospital on main street of town. Long-standing, modern practice, which provides most dental services in a peaceful, relaxed setting. Here is a chance to get out of the big-city insanity and breathe a little easier. Dale Wagman, 517-375-3740, (Posted 5-20-19)

Lake Michigan shoreline north of Grand Rapids area.

Modern, free-standing building, long-standing practice. Does just about everything except heavy perio. Digital X-rays, Pan, fully computerized. Collects a bit over $960K from 1,700 patients on a four-day schedule. Experienced staff. No matter what you’re shooting for, this one is a bullseye! Dale Wagman, 517-375-3740, (Posted 5-20-19)

Marquette —

Long-established practice offering high production, stability, and great staff, in a vibrant and expanding city, with year-round recreational and educational activities. Contact Mark Breit, 906-250-9666 or (Posted 5-15-19)

Great income; great practice;

great staff; great community. Practice available in a prime Upper Peninsula city. Free tremendous and fulfilling lifestyle with purchase. Contact Mark Breit, 906-250-9666; (Posted 5-15-19)

Long-established Marquette practice

offers high production, stability, alongside a medical community with over 150 physicians and a new $400M hospital. Marquette is active year round with recreational and educational activities, theater, sports, and special seasonal events. A life of community involvement and family fulfillment comes free with purchase. Contact Mark Breit, 906-250-9666 or (Posted 4-15-19)

New listing!  St. Clair area –

Practice average gross $792K, Delta Premier, long-term staff. Beautiful stand-alone brick building with seven ops. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377, or   Reference: PPB17R157. (Posted 4-12-19)

Southeast Michigan pediatric —

Great opportunity for pediatric dentist with five operatories, fully computerized and digital X-rays. More than 1,450 active patients with collections over $650K.  Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 5-10-19)

Greater Lansing, Mich. —

Beautiful five-operatory practice in a highly desirable location. Short workweek includes four days of hygiene. Healthy patient base with potential for growth. Real estate is also available. For details contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions consultant Denise Bouwhuis, 734-765-7080, #MI164. (Posted 5-6-19)

Montcalm County, Mich. —

Nicely equipped four-operatory practice in a great community in central Michigan. Excellent opportunity for a satellite location with growth potential. For details contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions consultant Denise Bouwhuis, 734-765-7080, #MI163. (Posted 5-6-19)

Wayne County —

Well-established practice with room for growth. PPO participation. Well-equipped with seven treatment rooms, digital X-rays. High new-patient flow. Real estate is also available. For details contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions consultant Sara Marterella, 734-765-0770, #MI160. (Posted 5-6-19)

Northeast of Detroit —

Successful pediatric practice in great community. Stable practice with high new-patient flow and 15 days of hygiene per week. Facility with 12 treatment rooms. Flexible transition options. For details contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions consultant Sara Marterella, 734-765-0770, #MI148. (Posted 5-6-19)

Elite Kalamazoo/Portage practice opportunity —

Initial full-time associate position with contractual agreement to purchase in 12 months. Thirty-five-plus year general practice has a well-known brand and reputation in the region. Beautiful, contemporary six treatment room facility. Digital throughout with CAD/CAM, CBCT, electric hand pieces, laser, and micro air abrasion. Approximately $900K-plus gross revenue. Please contact Kim Sena, DDS, at 616-450-3890 or at (Posted 4-29-19)

General practice in vibrant West Michigan lakeshore community (MIKS2318) —

Minutes from Lake Michigan shoreline. Very profitable, $700K-plus annual gross revenue, 2,200-plus active patients. Four treatment rooms; stand-alone building also available for purchase with room for expansion. Please contact Kim Sena, DDS, at 616-450-3890 or (Posted 4-29-19)

Kalamazoo area —

You’ll love the area, the practice, and the income. Earn over $250K the first year. More than 1,300 fee-for-service patients. What’s not to like? Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 4-29-19)

Saginaw Township —

Saginaw Township — General practice. Dentist is retiring but will stay on short-term, if desired. Complete office renovation in 2017. Turnkey office, a must see; 1,800 active patients; fee-for-service; $800K collections; digital Pan and Eaglesoft software. Great staff, great location! Contact (Posted 4-19-19)

Grand Traverse County —

Peaceful, rural, bedroom community, on a high-traffic commuting path. Perfect opportunity to start your career in the Traverse area. How about a satellite? Would fill that role well, by tapping a totally separate market. Start out slow and work your way in. The perfect merger for the right practice. Seller willing to pick up a day or so in your office if you merge. Three ops, three days for $267K in collections. Not too big of a bite all at once. Has a fourth room ready to be equipped for growth. Dale Wagman, 517-375-3740, (Posted 4-18-19)

General dentistry practice and building for sale

in northeastern Michigan. One block from Lake Huron. If you love the outdoors this one is for you! Boating, cross country skiing, snowmobiling are all minutes away. Live where others vacation. Work four days and play three. Stop driving hours in traffic on the weekend to get away from it all! Building has four ops all with computers chairside. Established patients with growth potential. Would consider an associate to buy practice over time. Contact me at for more details. Only two-plus hours from metro Detroit. (Posted 4-18-19)

Downtown Birmingham Practice,

excellent location,owner retiring, three operatories, ample free parking, ground level. call 248-613-0532 for details. (Posted 4-16-19)

Practice available in a prime Upper Peninsula city.

Great income awaits you in a great community. You will be purchasing more than a profitable practice, you will be buying a tremendous and fulfilling lifestyle. You owe it to yourself to find out more. Just call or email Mark Breit, 906-250-9666; (Posted 4-15-19)

Southwest Michigan pediatric — 

Pediatric dentist wanted to become a partner in growing family practice. State-of-the-art facility and steadily increasing collections for the past few years. Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 4-3-19)

Western Michigan — 

Four ops, Softdent software, average gross $560K, lease space, potential to purchase building. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB18S293. (Posted 3-28-19)

Pending sale — Mid-Michigan —

Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB18S291. (Posted 3-28-19)

Midland, Bay, Saginaw area —

Modern updated lease space, six ops, digital X-ray, Dentrix software. Average gross $750K. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB18S290. (Posted 3-28-19)

Midland, Bay, Saginaw area —

Four ops, room to expand, Dentrix software. average gross $540K. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or  Reference: PPB18S288. (Posted 3-28-19)

Mid-Michigan perio practice —

Average gross $400K, digital X-ray, Eaglesoft software, five ops, open three days per week. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377, or Reference PPB17S287. (Posted 3-28-19)

Northern Michigan —

Average gross $1.1M, eight ops, open four days, Cerec, digital X-ray, Dentrix software, beautiful building, lots of parking. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB17S285. (Posted 3-28-19)

Partnerships that work!

Ted Schumann, CPA, CFP, has helped hundreds of dentists with his invaluable advice giving peace of mind in appraisals, buy-in, operating agreements, and buy-out issues. Call 800-327-2377 or (Posted 3-28-19)

Million dollar practice? =

Million dollar answers! Service-rich, higher value, the right buyer, collaboration with your professional advisers, let DBS Professional Practice Brokers take the guesswork out of your greatest life transition. Call 800-327-2377 or (Posted 3-28-19)

Very well-established family practice,

with more than 30 years in Lansing, Mich. Loyal compassionate and well-educated staff vested with the practice and patients. Low overhead on a three- to four-day work week. Income of $450K, room for growth and expansion, Eagle Soft software. Please call Dr. Katba at 734-747-0020. (Posted 3-27-19)

Lenawee County —

Great merger opportunity!  Over 460 active fee-for-service patients.  Increase your net income over $165K immediately.  Almost all specialty work referred out.  Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, 3-27-19)

Wonderful place to begin

your general dentistry practice. Low overhead on three- to four-day week. Practice and building available immediately. Dentrix/Dexis plus Pan. Southwest Michigan. Please contact for more information. (Posted 3-18-19)

Looking for a special dentist to buy into

my practice with an eventual buy-out within three years. Initial trial partnership with agreed-upon price for buy-in. Guaranteed salary to get started with sharing of practice profits going into equity account for the buy-in. Need to have great people skills as well as experience with all types of dentistry. Friendly patients and staff. Located in beautiful Benzie County near Sleeping Bear National Park and Lake Michigan. Thirty minutes from Traverse City. Good spot for hunting, fishing, skiing, golfing, and biking. Easy-going small town with little competition. Email me at (Posted 3-15-19)

St. Clair County — Thumb area —

General practice. Collections: $452K, four full ops, two hygiene ops, digital, paperless; 3,800 sq. ft. leased facility, room to expand. Contact Jim at 586-596-8298, United Dental Brokers of America. (Posted 3-11-19)

St. Clair County — Clay Township —

General practice. Collections: $388K, four ops, digital X-ray, Eaglesoft. Leased 1,800 sq. ft. freestanding building on main highway. Contact Jim at 586-596-8298, United Dental Brokers of America. (Posted 3-11-19)

Long-established private practice

located in large hospital, Dearborn, Mich. Five current operatories with available space to add more. Good recall program, hospital privileges and staff membership. Please call with any questions 313-563-3300 or email (Posted 3-8-19)

Bay City, Saginaw, Midland area —

Established general dentistry practice for sale in a newer standalone building. Building available if desired. Located near other dental specialist. Will consider an option for an associate position. Has five-to-six ops with Eaglesoft software, $550K collections, four days per week. Doctor retiring and very motivated to sell. No dental Broker involvement. For further info, call/text Shawn at 989-324-8639 or email at  (Posted 3-7-19)


Well-maintained dental building,

1,572 sq. ft. in Dearborn Heights. Please contact (Posted 2-21-19)

Boutique practice off I-69

between Lansing and Marshall.  Collecting $480K from 1,000 patients, only 49 percent overhead. Current owner works four laid-back days, which could be condensed. Most specialties referred out. Three well-equipped ops with expansion capabilities. Building available. Please contact us at or 248-229-2127. (Posted 2-21-19)

Southwestern Michigan —

General practice for sale. $1.4M gross annually, most insurances, no Medicaid. Lasers, CEREC, digital radiography, more than 3,000 active patients. Great team of ten employees. Email (Posted 2-15-19)

General dental practice for sale

in northern Allegan County. Ten minutes from Grand Rapids. Open four days a week, collecting $1.1M per year. Outstanding staff with an excellent hygiene department. Perfect for the seasoned veteran or the new graduate. Almost all specialty services referred out. Located on main street through town. US 131 only one mile away. Only dental office in town. More than enough parking. Completely digital. You are and will be looked up to in this community. Be a part of it! Contact (Posted 1-14-19)

Well-established, family oriented general practice

15 miles from downtown Grand Rapids in a growing community. Five ops with two more for expansion; $675K revenue, motivated seller will stay on to help successful transition. Dentist also owns nice freestanding building with plenty of parking, will sell or lease. Reply to (Posted 10-22-18)

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or selling a dental practice? Statewide service available. Experienced, professional consultants for all of your business needs. Curt Nurenberg, CHBC, Rehmann Dental Management Advisors; 800-349-2644 or 517-316-2400.

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