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Get Involved

You Can Make a Difference as an MDA Volunteer Leader

This section of gives you tips and ideas you can use to explore all the great things that being a volunteer leader with organized dentistry has to offer. Included are short-term and long-term opportunities as well as ways you can gain further leadership skills. The menu below shows you more.

Michigan dentistry needs your skills, your insights, your experience, and your enthusiasm. Get started today!

Quick and Easy Opportunities

No time? No problem! Fast ways to get involved!

  • Share your views by writing a letter or an article in the MDA Journal.
  • Serve on an MDA Journal reader panel.
  • Host a speaker at Annual Session.
  • Recruit a non-member into membership.
  • Take photos at a dental society event.
  • Attend an MDA legislative lunch or meeting.
  • Speak out in support of fluoride in your community.
  • Respond to MDA legislative alerts when received.
  • Help out at the annual MDA Foundation SmileOn® Golf Outing.
  • Participate in the biannual MDA compensation and dental fee surveys.

Short-term Opportunities

A little more time, but not a major commitment.

  • Serve as an MDA student mentor.
  • Share your expertise on an MDA task force or workgroup.
  • Volunteer as an MDA Journal clinical reviewer.
  • Organize a fundraiser for a political candidate.
  • Participate in the MDA LEAD (Leadership Education and Development) program.
  • Sign up for the MDA COVER (Colleagues Offering Varied Emergency Relief) program.
  • Speak at an MDA continuing education course.

Longer-term Opportunities

For those seeking a more substantial commitment.

  • Serve on the MDA Journal Editorial Advisory Board.
  • Serving on an MDA board or committee:

Volunteer Interest Form

Who Are You?

What Are Your Interests?

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Type of Involvement You Prefer?

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Examples: Attend an in-district meeting with a legislator, write a Journal or newsletter article, serve as a host at a CE meeting, review a new MDA member resource, be a Mission of Mercy volunteer.

Examples: Participate in a work group or think tank, be a spokesperson for community water fluoridation in your area.

Examples: Serve on an MDA committee, the Board of Trustees, or on a committee or board for a related organization.

Where Are You Interested in Volunteering?

(Check all that apply.)

Have specific ideas on how you'd like to get involved? Tell us here!


Contact Michelle Nichols-Cruz, MDA governance manager, at 517-346-9414.