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Dental Therapist Toolkit

Below is the MDA Dental Therapist Information Toolkit, which  provides you with everything you need to know about dental therapists and Senate Bill 541, the proposed legislation to introduce dental therapists in Michigan.

The MDA legislative team encourages you join the lobbying effort against this legislation by reading these materials and using them to educate your local lawmakers.

The packet includes:

  • Why dental therapists are not the solution to increasing access to dental care.
  • The MDAs proposals to increasing access to dental care.
  • Background information on dental therapists.
  • The results of dental therapists in Minnesota.
  • The proposed scope of practice for dental therapists compared to RDHs and RDAs.
  • A graph comparing the length of education required of the proposed dental therapist position to the length of education for RDAs and RDHs.
  • A list of other organizations opposed to the dental therapist legislation.