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Practices for Sale

South Monroe County (CLD1M) —

Small town practice near a big city! General multi-doctor practice with average annual revenues of $1.4M. Beautiful free-standing building with up-to-date equipment. Contact Dr. Patrick Houlihan, Peak Practice Transitions, 888-477-5777. (Posted 10-11-17)

Looking for a transition or merger

of a well-established family practice with an affiliation with a major hospital in the southwest area of Wayne County. Private practice is located in a medical office building with a lot of foot traffic daily. Dentist must be skilled in multiple aspects of dentistry. Practice has an excellent recall program. Dentist must have an AEGD and GPR or a lot of experience and a friendly attitude and love of children to be successful, also one interested in being a hospital staff member and seeing hospital patient's bedside per request from the attending physicians. This may happen 120-170 times per year and may require procedures etc. Our office has five well-equipped treatment rooms and some room to grow. Any merger would be from yours to our facility or vice versa. Our gross production has been averaging $450K a year for last five years. Practice has approximately 1,500 established patients. Option is to purchase my practice for $220K and I will stay for the transition as needed. Please contact at (Posted 10-5-17)

Rural, east of Grand Rapids —

Pleasant bedroom community with a beautiful free-standing, modern building, located on the main road in and out of the area. Personable, peaceful and profitable. Six ops currently, but is easily expandable. Nice equipment. Digital, pan, laser. Collects $1.2M, from over 2,124 patients. Owner retiring, but would consider staying on for a while to mentor. The office provides just about all services with an emphasis on implants, limited ortho. Dale Wagman, 517-375-3740, (Posted 9-29-17)

Fast track your career

by purchasing a great dental practice in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Come live and work where others vacation, and earn a great income, in a fairly stress-free environment, where you can safely raise a family and your competition is limited. Plenty of work and plenty of income in this modern practice. Contact Mark Breit, DDS, at 906-250-9666 or (Posted 9-29-17)

Pending — Western Michigan —

Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers at 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB17S282. (Posted 9-29-17)

Detroit suburbs —

Perio practice; receipts approaching $2M. Delta Premier status preferred. Retirement but willing to stay on for a year or two. Contact for confidential reply. (Posted 9-29-17)

Greater Muskegon area —

Gross $350K, four ops, office recently renovated, immediate room to grow with fee adjustments, digital X-ray, ideal merge/satellite opportunity. Call today for more information, 844-283-7482; (Posted 9-29-17)

Mid-Michigan (NM1P) —

General practice with $800K average revenue. Outstanding net. Located in area with a high dental need 45 minutes from Grand Rapids. Four ops. Up-to-date technology. New building available with room for expansion. For details contact Phil Stark, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 9-25-17)

Central Macomb County (EGMC2) —

General practice in a retail plaza with two ops. Annual revenue $470K. Most specialty work referred out. For details contact Jim David, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 9-25-17)

Southeast Macomb County (RFKMD) —

Part-time general practice in a free-standing facility with five ops and an additional plumbed. Annual revenue $350K with plenty of growth potential. This is a nonparticipating practice. Building available. For details contact Jim David, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 9-25-17)

Oakland County (LNFO1) —

Part-time general practice in a free-standing building. Average revenue of $200K annually. Non-computerized practice with three operatories and two private offices. Most specialty work referred out. Close to Great Lakes Crossing Mall. Building available in a separate transaction. For details contact Phil Stark, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 9-25-17)

Saginaw Township —

Well-established general practice for sale; $700-800K annually with solid hygiene schedule and low overhead. Digital charts and X-rays. Experienced staff would like to stay. Looking for someone who's gentle, trustworthy and will provide excellent care. Please inquire and send resume to (Posted 9-20-17)

Saginaw Township —

General practice. Owner is retiring. Looking for an associate to owner position or quick buy-out? $850K gross, four days, five ops, digital X-ray, digital pan, Kavo electric handpieces, Eaglesoft software. A must see new fully renovated office, new equipment, new dental massage chairs and new lab with an awesome staff. Contact via email (Posted 9-20-17)

Dearborn —

Private practice for sale. Grossing $340K two days a week. Seller leaving for full-time university position. Call 313-605-6095. (Posted 9-19-17)

Shelby Twp. — Orthodontic practice —

ideal starter or satellite potential in fast-growing northern Macomb County. Contact 586-992-3110 or fax 586-992-3112. (Posted 9-12-17)

Clinton Township —

Great merger opportunity! More than 640 active fee-for-service patients. Increase your net income $140K the first year. Virtually all specialty work referred out. Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 9-5-17)

Southwest Michigan pediatric —

Pediatric dentist wanted to become a partner in growing family practice. State-of-the-art facility and steadily increasing collections for the past few years. Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 9-5-17)

East of Grand Rapids —

Fully computerized office with steady production/collections the past few years, collecting over $1.1M last year with over 1,900 active patients. Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 9-5-17)

Kalamazoo area —

Well-run office in good area with over 1,300 patients and increasing collections the past few years. Earn over $260K the first year. Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 9-5-17)

Western Genesee County —

Good practice in nice facility with six ops, full computerization, digital X-rays and more. Earn over $190K after all expenses! Contact David J. Dobbins, DDS, 313-550-6509, (Posted 9-5-17)

Million dollar practice? = Million dollar answers!

Service-rich, higher value, the right buyer, collaboration with your professional advisers, let DBS Professional Practice Brokers take the guesswork out of your greatest life transition. Call 800-327-2377 or (Posted 9-5-17)

Partnerships that work!

Ted Schumann, CPA, CFP, has helped hundreds of dentists with his invaluable advice giving peace of mind in appraisals, buy-in, operating agreements and buy-out issues. Call 800-327-2377 or (Posted 9-5-17)

Saginaw Bay area —

Merger practice — four ops, digital Dentech software, average gross $450K, open four days per week, refer out endo, oral surgery, perio and ortho. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377, or Reference PPB16S277. (Posted 9-5-17)

Northern Michigan —

Easy access to I-75, average gross of $900K, five ops, digital X-ray. Eaglesoft Software. Open four days a week. Located in a beautiful northern community. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377, or Reference PPB16S279. (Posted 9-5-17)

Associate buy-in opportunity,

beautiful lakefront community in northern Michigan — Practice gross average $940K, open four days per week, four ops, fully digital and paperless with Eaglesoft software. Building for sale. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or PPB15S274. (Posted 9-5-17)

Saginaw Bay area —

New listing — Four ops, average gross $614K, open four days per week., digital software Easy Dental. Contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers, 800-327-2377 or Reference PPB17S284. (Posted 9-5-17)

Mid-Michigan associate buy-in —

Seeking associate for general dental practice. For more information please contact DBS Professional Practice Brokers at 800-327-2377 or Reference: PPB16T334. (Posted 9-5-17)

Greater Battle Creek —

45-plus years practice with no associate with mostly fee-for-service patient mix (1,500-plus 18 month APC). Newer equipment in a nicely appointed facility — five ops: three RDH, two DDS. Nice 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. schedule four-and-one-half days per week. Receipts have been steady for years. Doctor looking to retire. Contact Reggie VanderVeen, DDS, at or call 616-4985-9482 and mention MI-153. (Posted 8-31-17)

Resort town practice —

In Vacationland District. High-end marketing strategy that is working very, very well. Valuation forthcoming. Mention MI156 and contact; 616-485-9482. (Posted 8-31-17)

Isabella County/Mt. Pleasant —

Busy practice with eight hygiene days per week. Owner retiring and will agree to continue part-time if requested. Email and mention code MI-140 for more information. (Posted 8-31-17)

Western Wayne County (W3KgD) —

General PPO practice with revenue of more than $500K annually. Growing suburban area. Five ops with digital X-ray. Most specialty work referred out. Assignable lease; perfect for a starter or satellite practice. For details contact Pat Houlihan, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 8-30-17)

Upper Peninsula (NNTF2) —

Large, general dental practice, grossing more than $1.1M annually. Great net! No Medicaid. Seven ops, digital X-ray and E4D unit. Most specialty work referred out. The building is available for sale in a separate transaction. For details contact Phil Stark, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 8-30-17)

Buying a practice?

Many of the practices we represent have offers before they are advertised here! Call 888-477-7325 to be put in our database of buyers. (Posted 8-30-17)

Genesee County (GEM2) —

Part-time practice grossing $250K-plus annually. Four ops with digital X-ray. Freestanding building also available in a separate transaction. For details contact Dr. Jim David, Peak Transitions, 888-477-7325. (Posted 8-30-17)

St Clair County (SC22) —

Well-established family practice in a lakeshore community with three-year average revenue of more than $650K and strong net. Traditional insurances, no CAP/HMO, or Medicaid. Most specialty work referred out. Call Phil Stark directly at 888-477-7325 for more information. (Posted 8-30-17)

Bedroom community

minutes from downtown Grand Rapids. Owner wanting to sell, transition to part-time. Five ops, two more plumbed. Staff ready to support new owner; $750K gross. Owner owns beautiful free-standing building. Reply to 7-3-17)

Royal Oak —

High-tech general practice for sale. Let's jump right into the specifics, and leave out all the fluff. Royal Oak, desirable location, stand-alone building, Cerec, lasers, all digital, implants (restore and place), all composite, annual revenue just under $1M. Owner willing to stay on as long-term associate or walkaway, whatever your choice. You could even structure this as a partnership with long-term buyout, whatever works for your situation. Owner selling due to other interests. Email (Posted 5-23-17)

A practice transition,

whether selling or purchasing, is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. As a practicing dentist since 1981, I have experienced these transitions firsthand. As a practice transition consultant, I have helped a good many of our colleagues navigate successfully through this delicate process. For a no-obligation, no-pressure consultation, please contact me, Kim Sena, DDS, at 616-450-3890, or at (Posted 3-20-17)

Thinking about buying or selling

a dental practice? Statewide service available. Experienced, professional consultants for all of your business needs. Curt Nurenberg, CHBC, Rehmann Dental Management Advisors; 800-349-2644 or 517-316-2400.

Don’t make a mistake selling or buying.

We have buyers. Your own buyer? We can help. We offer assistance you can’t get anywhere else. More dentists use us than anyone else. Call the Goldman Group, broker, 248-333-0500.