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MDA CE Seminars

The MDA’s CE seminars are perfect for dentists and office staff who want easily accessible CE courses. Our topics range from the technical to the practical to the motivational. And, they’re affordable enough for the whole staff. Conveniently located throughout the state, you’ll be able to find the perfect CE course within an easy drive of your practice.

Two-Day Hands-on Seminar

Everything You Want to Know About Oral Surgery But Were Afraid to Ask, New Concepts

MDA Seminar Series

Day one covers routine and complex surgeries, from atraumatic extractions to tips and impactions, palatal and mandibular tori removal, simple and complex orthodontic impacted canine exposure, socket grafting with and without membranes, suturing techniques, infections and pain management, and how to manage complications.

The Best of the MDA’s HR Hotline: Learning from Others’ Mistakes and Safely Admitting to Some of Your Own

MDA Seminar Series

Jodi Schafer and Brandy Ryan will share the most common HR questions/situations they receive on a daily basis from office managers and dentists alike. Everything from the legal/ethical aspects of disciplining and firing employees, smart ways to approach the hiring process, methods of communicating effectively with staff, and what to do when they say mean things about you (or the practice) on Facebook!

Anterior Resin Bonding: Truly the Universal Dental Material (a.m.) A Cosmetic Smile Design Potpourri (p.m.)

MDA Seminar Series

Morning Session: Composite restoration esthetics can truly rival porcelain restorations. Besides anterior esthetics, composites can be used to create an esthetic preview prior to advanced treatment, test drive treatment scenarios, repair trauma, and more.

Afternoon Session: Designing a new smile starts when the patient first says hello. This seminar will review a systematic ap¬proach to accurately analyze a patient’s dental condition.

«September 2017»

Money Matters: Answers to your Financial Questions

Join DBS Investment Advisers, LLC for answers to your financial questions.

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Temporomandibular Disorder and Orofacial Pain

This presentation will attempt to separate the facts from the fantasies in the are of TMD and other orofacial pain disorders.

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Oral Cancer Management: A Dental and Medical Approach

Join us for a multidisciplinary approach to oral cancer management that will touch on the patient as a whole, and have presentations from nurses, dentists, physicians, and the patient.

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