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Annual Session Speakers

Andre Shirdan

Andre Shirdan


Speaker Bio

Andre Shirdan is from Philadelphia and studied fine arts and design. After years in high end retail sales and customer service training from Ritz-Carlton and Disney, his brother-in-law, a local dentist, asked him to help with his practice and he got hooked on dentistry. While working with his brother-in law, Andre created The Crew Process, an executive coaching firm that created the C.R.E.W. training process and he was a contributing creator of the companies Systems Practice Management, Dentalife and Dynamic Dental Systems. He is the co-creator of the periodontal protocol Stat-Ck and imaging protocol Array. Through Andre’s workshops, articles, podcast interviews and seminars he has enlightened and entertained hundreds of audiences. His goal is to help practices create systems for treatment planning, team training, goal attainment and technology integration.

Speaker Events

Happiest Dental Practice on Earth
Wednesday, April 25
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

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